Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party Tips & Tricks

  • Sandy Claws & Sally-This popular pair now meets inside Town Square Theater on the Tinker Bell side. Their line opens around 2:30pm. You do not need a wristband to get in line. At 4:00pm, cast members will come through the line to scan your ticket and give you a wristband. Sandy Claws and Sally will begin meeting at 4:30pm. The majority of people begin joining the line at 4:00pm so get there early so you can get into another line before the party even begins!

  • Seven Dwarfs-The seven dwarfs are now meeting inside Pete's Silly Sideshow and draw a huge crowd! This line is now inside the a/c. The regular VIP day characters stop meeting at 4:30pm and the line begins to form. You can meet Jack & Sally and then head to the dwarves. They start meeting at 6:15pm so you can meet the two biggest draws before the party officially begins!

  • Princesses-Snow White and Sleeping Beauty meet with their Princes at the castle wall in Fantasyland. They meet for 45 minutes at a time and break for 15 minutes. They take a long break at 8:40pm for the parade. If you don't meet them before they break at 8:40pm, they don't come back out until 9:20pm. They average an hour line so don't get caught with a 40 minute penalty. Their line dissipates at 8:40pm when they leave for their parade break so wait times can be short if you time it to get in line at the end of their break. Princesses and Princes meet inside Princess Fairytale Hall during the parade and often have short waits during the time Snow White and Aurora are taking their parade break. 

  • Moana-Moana begins meeting outside the Enchanted Tiki Room at 5:45pm. 

  • 6:15 Characters-Pooh and Friends, Seven dwarfs, and Nick and Judy begin greeting party guests at 6:15pm in advance of the actual party beginning at 7:00pm. Get some of these characters out of the way before the party begins!

  • Meet Mickey-Mickey Mouse has a shorter wait time during the first parade. Avoid meeting Mickey after the second parade as many guests follow the second parade straight to Mickey and wait times are longer than normal.